Environmental Issues


The E.U. and U.S. are to move on environmental pollution in the developing world, ostensibly to protect the environment.  Critics allege that such moves are designed to impose additional processing costs on the developing countries in order to reduce their competitiveness, and thereby protect employment in the E.U. and U.S. Notwithstanding these suspicions it is the case that increased legislation is certain, and that these standards will eventually have to be adopted by developing countries.

Environmental Issues will impose increased costs on ENI:-


Oil Refinery Environmental Legislation Targets

U.S. Government Policy on Plant Maintenance

The Impact of the BP Texas Refinery disaster

Plant improvement and modification

Environmental Pollution by Industry


 The increased awareness by the oil industry, the regulators, and the voting public, on the many problems of petrochemical plant operation, maintenance and regulation, has in recent years opened up many opportunities for companies which are first to take the necessary initiatives. In retrospect the problems of the petrochemical industry were frequently self-induced, and were subsequently expensive to rectify. Thus there is now an apparent desire by all parties to improve standards. The petrochemical companies are of course more motivated by the impact on their bottom line; yet they can take steps and can contribute a great deal in making the processes more efficient, less prone to failure, and more unlikely to create the catastrophic incidents of the past.