United States Government Policy on Oil Industry Plant Maintenance


Following the environmental and political fallout of the BP Texas Oil Refinery disaster, and indeed a string of other environmental disasters in the United States, there is mounting political impetus to ensure that these incidents are less frequent in the future. Plant maintenance and operating procedures are at the forefront of these initiatives; and thus this is a potentially critical issue for all petroleum companies.

The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board has come under public and media pressure. After being seen for several decades as the creature of the Petrochemical Industry, the change in the political climate has, and increasing will, provoke the CSB into a more proactive role. The U.S. government will also use this opportunity to force non-U.S. companies to comply with stricter environmental controls. A WTO battle may be seen in future years between the developed countries and the lesser developed countries in the environmental arena.  These are critical issues for oil refinery companies.

The message from John Bresland, CSB Chairman