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The Chemical Database

This database will allow the user to retreive information for any of 25,4945 hazardous chemicals or 'generic' entries based on a keyword search. Potential keywords include names, formula and registry numbers (CAS, DOT, RTECS, EINECS, PubChem, Beilstein and Merck). Formula are represented in Hill format for searching and a more descriptive format for viewing. The contents of this search is provided by The University of Akron

This database and the information it contains were independently compiled by the author from a large number of sources, and the data included as well as the manner in which it is presented have been independently chosen by the author to provide what is deemed to be an academic publication. Among the published references available, particular mention should be made of:

2004 Emergency Response Guidebook ERG2004, 2004.
Hazardous Chemicals Data NFPA 49, PC-49-94, 1994.
Canadian WHMIS - Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System.
U.S.C.G CHRIS database.
U.S. EPA Cameo database.
NIOSH/OSHA exposure limit data.
U.S. NIH PubChem database.
Manufacuturer/supplier MSDS sheets.
Various governmental registry lists.